With more than 26 years of experience, Enter takes care of the operation and development of your entire IT environment

Enter Optimi is a complete IT service. The services are adjusted to meet the strategic requirements of your organisation. We safeguard the usability and availability of your IT environment and the continuity of your business.

Enter Optimi services

Protects your organisation’s devices, systems and data against traditional and modern security threats.

Ensures the availability of data and systems and business continuity.

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Maintenance and management of endpoint devices and Windows applications.

Enter Infra

Takes care of the proactive maintenance of IT infrastructure and its change and life cycle management.

Provides a real-time overview of system and process status and warns in advance of disruptions.

Helps your organisation’s users when they have IT problems, face changes or need advice.

Monitors IT environments and reacts to non-standard events, information security observations and alarms.

Automates the management of user accounts and access rights across systems.

Automates the transfer of documents and metadata to your organisation’s archive system.

Our customers’ success stories

Sigge Architects

Sigge Architects gains operational certainty with server overhaul

Sigge Architects is a large architectural firm with offices in both Turku and Helsinki. The office of approximately 80 employees demands a lot of its IT systems. The architects work with large 3D and virtual models that require computers with top performance and operational reliability.

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Tampereen Näsinneula

City of Tampere

Automating digital archiving makes the everyday life of educational institutions easier

Enter has implemented a digital archiving automation solution for the city of Tampere’s secondary schools. Enter had previously implemented a similar archive automation solution for the elementary schools in Tampere, and the solution was found to be one that works. It was therefore easy to make the decision to start a corresponding archiving automation project for Tampere upper secondary and vocational schools.

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Prakticum esports

Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum

Ruutuvihko saves time at Prakticum

Prakticum, a multidisciplinary Swedish-language vocational school, has chosen the ENTER Ruutuvihko™ service for managing user accounts. The aim was to achieve smoothness and efficiency in the work of the IT department, and also to build a modern information system at the educational institution, in which all students and employees have access to working tools.

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Bo LKV kangaskassi


Optimi of the month

Strongly emphasising visual aspects and good customer experience, real-estate agency Bo LKV has partnered with Enter from the very beginning. Enter is the one-stop provider for Bo LKV’s IT solutions at the group level.

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Join our team

We are looking for experienced and diversified talents to join Enter’s team for ongoing services and project deliveries, who recognise themselves by the following keywords: Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Cisco, Check Point, cloud technologies, M365, Azure, PowerShell, high-availability architectures, hybrid solutions, migrations, automations and cybersecurity.