Project services

Project services are precision solutions for strategic IT development needs

We have taken care of thousands of projects. We assess and analyse, arrange competitive biddings, consult and deploy entities. We update and migrate data and entire systems. We design solutions and manage implementations. We work as a partner in developing our customers’ IT strategy.

Business environments are now changing faster than perhaps ever before. The development of digital services, requirement for continuous availability and information security threats necessitate rapid development projects. For 20 years now, Enter has participated as an enabler of information technology development at companies.

Survey and analysis

We survey the present state of an individual system or the entire IT environment, also taking care of the necessary personal interviews in the organisation. As a result, our customer receives an up-to-date report on the operation of the systems, the policies in effect and information security.

Our comprehensive solution proposals include the IT services, solutions, products and practices that best suit the customer’s business model and objectives.

Enter is a comprehensive development partner for Bo LKV

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With experience, we look at the whole from several aspects: flexibility, information security, cost-efficiency, lifecycle management, availability and recovery speed requirements and the regulations in the customer’s line of activity.

Competitive tendering

With decades of experience and our extensive network of partners, we have an exceptionally good understanding of the offering of IT vendors and technology manufacturers. Solid understanding of solutions combined with knowledge of the market situations enables a clear competitive bidding experience for our customers in important procurements. We help prepare the requirement specifications, identify solution providers and prepare the invitations to tender and agreements.

Consultation and project management

We provide consultation on IT service and infrastructure projects, development projects and acute problem situations. Our project management service provides agile tools and methods and seasoned project managers to help the customer.

We provide consultation for preparing an efficient and comprehensive technology strategy. In the most extensive scenario, we implement the customer’s entire information administration as a service. We also provide consultation on the legislation related to the systems, such as processing of personal data and other compliance requirements.

Our service model strongly relies on trust and profound customer understanding: you will deal with designated specialists and a scalable team throughout the contract period.


Deploying new IT systems, solutions and technologies is a process of several steps that requires broad technical expertise and an understanding of project management and communication. We also take the customer’s needs into account in terms of training the staff on new software, hardware and practices. At the end of the deployment, we prepare extensive documentation on the installed items.


Regular maintenance updates of systems are handled by Enter’s ongoing services, but more extensive update projects, such as version upgrades and entire technology migrations, are implemented as project services for our customers.

The tasks of updating a system are not limited to mere hardware and software issues, but may also involve managing how production is brought to a halt for a while. Identifying risks and understanding recovery methods are therefore particularly important when planning update processes.


We perform migrations for files, databases, servers, services and entire information systems and data centres. In addition to replacing applications, a migration may be necessitated by changing service providers, business changes, physically moving the customer’s premises to a new location or, for example, because of transitioning to the cloud.

Contract manufacturer chose high-availability server solution

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Transferring valuable business data from one system to another also calls for particular meticulousness, experience, expertise and a considerably versatile toolbox. If ready-made products cannot meet the customer’s requirements, Enter will implement custom-made migration solutions, if necessary.


Integration solutions enable communication between programs and data repositories that are otherwise incompatible or independent of each other. Automation reduces manual work and streamlines the flow of data, all the while securing the integrity and accuracy of data.

Our integration and automation team caters to our customers using both ready-made and custom solutions: as an example, the popular Enter Ruutuvihko™ product family for the user management of HR and student information systems and for automating cloud services.

Enter’s solutions can be used in many applications, ranging, for example, from enhanced technical measures such as automated endpoint device rollout to using the organisation’s master data for administering personal data, access rights and software assets.

Architecture design

In modern information administration, the focus is expanded from producing internal IT services to sourcing them from external sources. Our cross-industry expertise helps us understand the challenges, potential and special features of this transition.

Over the years, Enter’s core competence has emerged as the ability to envision the overall architecture that best caters to the customer’s need, where the annual calendar of IT systems and the procurement and implementation models for services can be planned long into the future.

Our technical architecture design covers high-availability server and storage systems, application-level fault tolerance, network and information security architectures, geographically distributed environments and remote access, data centre redundancy, hybrid clouds and catastrophe recovery and operations recovery solutions – combined with the needs of the customer’s business.

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