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To demonstrate how Enter’s service concept works, we present successful customer relationships that have continued for decades. We believe in solid and durable partnership that aims at reaching a common goal.

Customer success stories

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Raute Oyj

Cloud services and Ruutuvihko are a viable solution for the international Raute plc

Raute plc, a global service and technology company in the wood products industry, is taking great steps in its IT solutions and digitalisation. As part of this development, Enter implemented the Ruutuvihko solution for Raute to automatically process information received from the Mepco HR system. Thanks to Ruutuvihko automation, users get the required access rights to various software packages.

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Westpak Oy Ab

Growth-enabling IT infrastructure is an investment in the future

Finnish flexible-packaging manufacturer Westpak revamped its entire IT infrastructure. The goal of the project was to achieve better operating reliability in the information systems. Based on its expertise, Enter was selected to implement the project.

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City of Helsinki

Ruutuvihko® facilitates cloud services at city of Helsinki schools

Last December, Enter completed one of its largest projects with the rollout of the Ruutuvihko® service at City of Helsinki’s elementary and upper secondary schools. The benefit for the teachers is easier and faster work, while the teaching itself is done in a modern way, utilising cloud services.

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Valkeakoski Vocational College

Ruutuvihko is a time-saving tool for educational institutions

Many educational institutions use Enter’s Ruutuvihko service, which automatically synchronises student data. At the Valkeakoski Vocational College of more than 1,000 students, the Ruutuvihko service was deployed toward the end of 2017. Thanks to Ruutuvihko, information about the students and courses is automatically transferred, and the system automatically creates the necessary accounts for all students and staff.

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Metallin leikkausta

Tamminiitty Oy

Contract manufacturer chose high-availability server solution

Established in 2013, Tamminiitty Oy is a metal industry company that focuses on contract manufacturing, providing laser technology, edging, machining, welding and other pre-processing work. A high-availability server solution was implemented for the growth company, thanks to which their business does not stop even during server failure.

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Siilinjärven kunta

Ruutuvihko enables electronic learning environments in Siilinjärvi

The municipality of Siilinjärvi took a great step in the digitalisation of schools. In summer 2019, personal accounts were created in Microsoft’s and Google’s electronic learning environments for the pupils and teachers of all schools of the municipality using the Ruutuvihko service. The reform implemented by Enter enables more efficient communication, studying and teaching.

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City of Porvoo

Porvoo school services took identity management to a new level

The City of Porvoo’s bilingual educational service has been a pioneer of the Ruutuvihko service in many ways. Approximately five years ago, Porvoo was the first locality in Finland to deploy the Ruutuvihko system, at a time when user and group objects were created from the Primus database. Tailoring the system into a working whole has required many modifications and bold experiments. At present, all of the various modules in Ruutuvihko are being used, some of which are unique, such as the feature that reduces waste food.

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Pohjois-Haagan yhteiskoulu

Pohjois-Haaga co-educational school

Automatic synchronisation of pupil data supports everyday life at Pohjois-Haaga co-educational school

Some two years ago, the Pohjois-Haaga co-educational school, PHYK, found itself in a situation where the private school’s pupil administration software had to be revamped quickly. The school looked for a suitable party to do the job, and Enter was chosen based on its expertise. The Ruutuvihko application was commissioned at the school to automatically synchronise pupil data. Ruutuvihko enables the easy creation of user accounts in cloud services and the groups specified in Primus for Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom.

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