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Cloud services and Ruutuvihko are a viable solution for the international Raute plc

Raute plc, a global service and technology company in the wood products industry, is taking great steps in its IT solutions and digitalisation. As part of this development, Enter implemented the Ruutuvihko solution for Raute to automatically process information received from the Mepco HR system. Thanks to Ruutuvihko automation, users get the required access rights to various software packages.

Raute was looking for expertise for investigating and developing Microsoft cloud services. Enter met the company’s expectations here, and collaboration over the past year has been close via remote connections.

“The times with COVID-19 have not caused any problems: all Enter services have been managed accurately and on time, even remotely. The project schedule has remained steadily in the hands of the ones implementing the project. From the very beginning, we knew that Enter has extensive experience with Ruutuvihko projects in public sector organisations. The principle is the same in our industry, which made it easy to rely on Enter’s expertise,” says CIO Lasse Puoskari.

International corporate culture

Raute operates around the world and has several hundred users in several countries. Being an international organisation brings its own challenges, as operating cultures and communication methods can vary. Sometimes even the smallest of details can require thought. For example, people’s forenames and surnames may be formed according to different principles, which has had to be taken into account when creating usernames.

The international introduction of the system has taken place at Raute gradually.

“The reform has required change management and active communication. The benefits of the overall process will be communicated to supervisors so that the significance of the change can be understood in its entirety,” Puoskari says.

Automation creates efficiency and security

Thanks to Ruutuvihko automation, information is updated from the HR system to the Active Directory (AD) database on a schedule. When data is edited in the Mepco HR system, users will have access to the cloud services they need during the next run.

“Automating the process makes work more efficient when the necessary tools are available as soon as user accounts are created. In this sense, the importance of supervisors is emphasised, seeing as they take care of the up-to-dateness of HR data. Ruutuvihko also improves security and reduces the possibility of errors. With information processed directly in Mepco, no separate spreadsheets are required, and no accounts need to be created manually for different applications. Things are taken care of without delay, which is convenient for doing the work,” Puoskari points out.

A partner that challenges to develop

Raute is satisfied with the cooperation. According to Puoskari, the work with Enter has gone well.

“Flexibility and availability have been especially emphasised in their services. Things are managed professionally and accurately. Enter’s specialists studied our operating culture and quickly adopted the requirements of a globally operating company. As our working language is English, Enter also took care of the English-language materials in the project,” Puoskari states.

“Above all, we appreciate Enter’s way of presenting challenges and raising questions. They were willing to spar and openly discuss how things could be developed and done better. Our future plans are to continue developing IT systems and cloud services in cooperation with Enter,” he adds.

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