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Ruutuvihko saves time at Prakticum

Prakticum, a multidisciplinary Swedish-language vocational school, has chosen the ENTER Ruutuvihko™ service for managing user accounts. The aim was to achieve smoothness and efficiency in the work of the IT department, and also to build a modern information system at the educational institution, in which all students and employees have access to working tools.

Prakticum has introduced Ruutuvihko services for both teaching and administration. Thanks to ENTER Ruutuvihko, user data is transferred from both the HR system and Primus to AD user accounts and groups. The management of all user accounts is convenient with the help of Ruutuvihko.

“Currently, the study office handles the management of student accounts, as they have the best expertise with the students’ situation. New students are added to Wilma at the study office, and Ruutuvihko’s automation takes care of synchronising their usernames. Everything goes smoothly without having to manually create and submit credentials,” says Prakticum system administrator Nico Holm.

Prakticum has presence in Helsinki and Porvoo. There are about 1,200 actively participating students, but the total number of user accounts for students is about 1,600, taking into account all temporarily absent people. The school has about 150 employees.

“Thanks to Ruutuvihko, time saving is enormous. User account management was done manually by the IT department. We handled all situations, from resetting passwords to creating accounts. In the world of educational institutions, students come and go, and managing user accounts is a never-ending task. Now it can be excellently automated with the Ruutuvihko service. Now our time in the IT team is freed up for more important tasks and systems development projects,” says Prakticum IT director Olli Zha.

Cooperation of experts

At Prakticum, the cooperation of the IT team with Enter has been fruitful. Both Zha and Holm praise Enter’s effective and consultative approach.

“We value Enter’s sparring skills and ability to challenge us to develop our systems. The wishes and needs of the teachers inspire us to come up with more ideas, and we can always discuss new solutions with Enter’s specialists. We both have an in-depth understanding of the systems and a similar state of mind regarding efficiency,” Zha says.

Zha considers ENTER Ruutuvihko an important tool for all educational institutions.

“Enter has been a great help to us, as they also have extensive expertise in the Primus and Wilma systems, which are key solutions in the world of schools. Although our own IT team is able to develop systems internally, it is also useful to have discussions with an external expert. In addition to automation solutions, Enter has also been able to help with infrastructure solutions, consulting on information security and identity management, not only in connection with Ruutuvihko. We can easily speak the same language with Enter. We have a common view of the needs of our organisation,” he concludes.

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