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Porvoo school services took identity management to a new level

The City of Porvoo’s bilingual educational service has been a pioneer of the Ruutuvihko service in many ways. Approximately five years ago, Porvoo was the first locality in Finland to deploy the Ruutuvihko system, at a time when user and group objects were created from the Primus database. Tailoring the system into a working whole has required many modifications and bold experiments. At present, all of the various modules in Ruutuvihko are being used, some of which are unique, such as the feature that reduces waste food.

“We use the Ruutuvihko service in Porvoo in both Finnish-language and Swedish-language education. Thanks to the service, all pupils and teachers always have up-to-date O365 accounts. The system automatically imports student groups from Wilma and provides the pupils and teachers with the opportunity to make use of the online learning environment.

The change in study methods has also required the educational services to continuously keep pace. In Porvoo, we have teachers creating teams in Teams and sending assignment templates and files to pupils in online learning environments, while the pupils return their completed assignments to the teachers in the same way.

Ruutuvihko enables many things, but the end user is completely unaware of its smooth operation in practice. Our bilingual organisation is great, with thousands of pupils and hundreds of teachers. It is important for us that our identity management system, IDM, automatically takes care of all accounts and synchronising data.

Naturally, the greatest advantage is time savings, as information is automatically transferred to all systems in use. User-friendliness is another benefit. Ruutuvihko enables teachers to do their own work in an easy way. It is important that the teachers and pupils do not need to think about things that are not part of their own competence.

Through the years, our collaboration with Enter has always gone smoothly. As we were the first organisation to use the Ruutuvihko service, we have had many questions along the journey that we have needed to find a solution for. And the system has been developed a lot over the years.

Enter has always managed our business with a solution-driven approach and a will to provide service. In my opinion, communication is very fluent, and we always receive specialist help when the situation calls for it. The automated identity management system with all of its functions allows us to concentrate on our work.”

– Olli Aho, circulating ICT and media teacher

Porvoo Finnish-language education services

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