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Saarioinen’s recipe for user account automation is Ruutuvihko

Finland’s leading readymade meal company, Saarioinen, was looking for a solution to automate user accounts. Thanks to Enter, Saarioinen’s information management now enjoys significant time and cost savings with the introduction of Enter’s Ruutuvihko™ service.

New efficiency was needed for Saarioinen’s account automation, and after the procurement process, the company chose Enter as its partner. The goal was to implement user account automation to facilitate account creation. In Saarioinen’s solution, Ruutuvihko is connected to the Mepco HR system, where roles and groups are created for the user.

“Ruutuvihko turned out to be just the right solution for our needs. In the past, we would manage user accounts manually. It was time-consuming, and in addition it proved particularly problematic to disable any obsolete accounts. The credentials lingering unnecessarily in the system incurred costs because of software licences,” says Saarioinen service manager Riikka Taipale.

A tool for developing internal communication

Saarioinen’s Ruutuvihko application reads HR data, from which role and group information is needed to generate licences. In addition to credentials, a new employee will receive an inbox to which an automatic welcome message is sent. The message contains links to the rules and instructions of the information system. At the same time, the system also makes sure the supervisors are informed that the credentials have been created for the subordinate.

“An automatic welcome message to a new employee is a useful feature in internal communication. The person receives useful information during orientation about the operating culture, making sure work in the new position gets a smooth start. It is easier for the supervisor to notice the new employee when the information about credential creation is sent automatically. The reports also provide information on which licences are granted to the employee,” Taipale explains.

Cost savings from released licences

According to Taipale, credential automation entails many concrete benefits, which are reflected in both the costs and the smoothness of work.

“The life-cycle of the credentials is now handled automatically from the moment they are created. When an employee leaves the company or goes on extended leave, such as parental leave, cloud licences do not remain unused. This brings cost savings, which is a significant advantage for a large organisation,” he notes.

In addition to cost savings, Taipale also mentions among the best features of Ruutuvihko its ease and reliability, which free up time for other information management tasks, and time is not wasted creating or deleting credentials.

“The Mepco HR number always remains the same, ensuring the accuracy of the data in all situations. Ruutuvihko’s operating environment is clear and simple, and it is a tool that works reliably,” he adds.

Smooth cooperation

The cooperation between Saarioinen and Enter has progressed systematically from specification to implementation. Taipale expects flexibility and solid expertise from its IT partners.

“We value Enter’s problem-solving ability and active willingness to provide service. They have expertise in user account automation in both municipal and commercial environments. In addition, Enter is a Finnish operator and the price–quality ratio of its services is good,” Taipale says.

At Saarioinen, the development of Ruutuvihko’s functionalities will continue further.

“I am satisfied with the features of the Ruutuvihko application and the implementation as a whole. Opportunities for further development are versatile. Enter has the habit of doing everything it promises. It is also nice that Enter tests the features of the system first in a simulation, and only then rolls the application into production,” he concludes.

Saarioinen in brief:

  • A family-owned company founded in 1957
  • Turnover approximately €240 million
  • 4 factories, of which 3 are in Finland and 1 in Estonia
  • Approximately 1,200 employees

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