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City of Kerava

ENTER Ruutuvihko™ ensures efficient and secure account management in Kerava

The City of Kerava has introduced the ENTER Ruutuvihko service in it education and administration organisations, successfully automating the management of user accounts and the transfer of data between organisations. The automation of user accounts has brought significant benefits and savings while increasing information security.

The City of Kerava has been cooperating with Enter for a few years now. The Ruutuvihko service was first implemented in the educational services, and positive experiences were gained. For this reason, when reforming the HR system, it was also found that Ruutuvihko would offer many benefits in administration for managing employee accounts throughout the organisation. In particular, it was found useful to link the two systems.

“The ENTER Ruutuvihko service allows fully automatic creation of user accounts from the HR system. When an employee is created in the HR system, user and e-mail accounts are automatically created for them. In addition, the telephone number information is transferred to the organisation’s telephone directory,” says Kerava ICT specialist and project manager Marjaliisa Nuuttila.

“Thanks to Ruutuvihko, we can take care of Apotti’s user account in accordance with information security requirements.”

Hannu Vilpponen, ICT development manager, City of Kerava

Cost savings in licence management

The advantage over the previous system is clear, because automated creation of user accounts reduces unnecessary work and manual data entry. It strengthens information security and eliminates the delay we previously had in making accounts available. The user account automation also takes care of managing various software licences.

“With licence management in order, we gain savings. Financially, we are talking about large amounts: when an employee leaves the organisation, the licences do not remain unused but can be used elsewhere,” says ICT development manager Kai Suontakanen of the City of Kerava.

For users of the city’s information systems, Ruutuvihko is an invisible worker that ensures that information is up to date. Especially when a person’s employment in the organisation ends, user data is deleted appropriately, and information security is maintained as required.

“In the past, we used many different systems in which we had to synchronise employee data. Now, thanks to Ruutuvihko, all the information necessary is transferred from the HR system to the systems used. Human resources are freed up for more important work, with the manual creation of user accounts and filling in of forms eliminated,” Nuuttila states.

Education and administration linked

Ruutuvihko was introduced in Kerava’s administration in summer 2021. The project progressed from the design of the new HR system to the implementation of Telia’s VIP platform and Apotti. Currently part of Telia, Kuuma-ICT is responsible for providing Kerava’s ICT services. Phone numbers can be imported into user accounts using VIP integration and Ruutuvihko.

“In a municipal environment, Ruutuvihko is at its best. Previously, user accounts would be ordered via a service point, and now the creation and deletion of an account requires no separate effort, but is accomplished with Ruutuvihko’s automation. In cooperation with Enter, we went through what information would be transferred and where, how the deletion process would progress, how mailboxes would be created and what licences would be assigned to the account based on the user’s role,” says ICT designer Rami Ahonen of Kuuma ICT.

Enter linked ENTER Ruutuvihko services for education and administration. This allows us to uniquely identify accounts created in different sources and to export only the desired account to the cloud environment. The unique personal number of the HR system is also exported to education services, establishing a link between two different IDs. Education user accounts are created in Primus for both students and staff. Automation frees up working time, avoiding unnecessary burden on ICT specialists.

“The cooperation with Enter has been pleasant, as Enter provides services professionally and flexibly. Interaction is easy. We have been able to test any changes by simulating them before they are rolled out to production. This has allowed us to screen out errors and problem areas,” Ahonen says.

Apotti licences in a controlled way

Alongside the new HR system, Kerava introduced Apotti, an ERP system for social and health care. It combines social and health care information into one system. Apotti is used by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) and the municipalities of Helsinki, Vantaa, Kauniainen and Kerava.

“Apotti access rights are determined on the basis of work tasks. The granting of access must take place in a lawful and error-free manner. Thanks to Ruutuvihko, we can take care of Apotti’s user accounts in accordance with information security requirements,” says ICT development manager Hannu Vilpponen of the City of Kerava.

Flawlessness and security come first

Vilpponen is especially satisfied with the time savings and security brought by Ruutuvihko.

“Ruutuvihko is a handy tool to ensure that Apotti’s user management works seamlessly with the municipality’s HR system. When a social and health care services employee is connected to the HR system, their information and account are automatically added to the Active Directory (AD) group, i.e., the user directory. Access to Apotti is controlled on the basis of information in the AD group,” Vilpponen explains.

“Patient safety, data protection and information security are key issues in the operation of the systems. On the other hand, reducing errors and eliminating manual work saves time and cost,” he says.

Vilpponen appreciates Enter’s expertise and service-oriented approach. Expectations for Ruutuvihko are high.

“In the future, we will have the opportunity to develop other functionalities with the help of ENTER Ruutuvihko. I am already eagerly looking forward to all the interesting things we can accomplish together,” he adds.

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