City of Helsinki

Ruutuvihko® facilitates cloud services at city of Helsinki schools

Last December, Enter completed one of its largest projects with the rollout of the Ruutuvihko® service at City of Helsinki’s elementary and upper secondary schools. The benefit for the teachers is easier and faster work, while the teaching itself is done in a modern way, utilising cloud services.

“In our project, the goal was to take all student groups at City of Helsinki’s elementary and upper secondary schools to the cloud to support teaching. This means more than one hundred schools, or in total tens of thousands of students.

With the Ruutuvihko® service, we can reduce manual work and automate the way data is exported from Primus to the cloud services provided by the city. With just a few clicks, teachers can now easily select the required Google and Microsoft Office 365 cloud services in Wilma for their group. It is also easy to create the groups, as the student data is updated in the system in real time.

We started the project with Enter in spring 2019, and rollout was done in December the same year. At this moment, we are monitoring how the rollout progresses, and provide information and assistance on the topic, where needed. The teachers have adopted the service at the turn of the period, as new groups are always formed at the beginning of the courses. The schools have varying operating cultures, resulting in different paces of rollout at different schools. Our task is to support the teachers starting to use the tools in their work.

The guiding principle was an improved sign-in experience and easier creation of teaching groups. For the teachers, Ruutuvihko® provides a convenient and agile tool for creating teaching groups in Wilma using a Teams workspace or Google Classroom, for instance. In particular, subject teachers will gain significant benefits because they continuously have several teaching groups that alternate each period. The system’s fast and easy group creation saves the teacher’s time.

Co-operation with Enter has been smooth from the very beginning. Enter clearly has the expertise on the possibilities and potential of Microsoft technologies. We also value Enter’s meticulously crafted documentation. It has been easy to communicate with Enter and we have received help with our requests, no matter how sudden. Projects will continue with Enter in a pleasant atmosphere.”

City of Helsinki, Education Division

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