Tamminiitty Oy

Contract manufacturer chose high-availability server solution

Established in 2013, Tamminiitty Oy is a metal industry company that focuses on contract manufacturing, providing laser technology, edging, machining, welding and other pre-processing work. A high-availability server solution was implemented for the growth company, thanks to which their business does not stop even during server failure.

Tamminiitty’s philosophy is first and foremost based on high-quality service.

“We always aim to work in such a way that the customer does not notice us in their own business. In practice, this means successful deliveries and tuning customer service to the best possible level. Customer satisfaction is attained through helpfulness and hard work. However, we also need information systems that work to guarantee success,” says CEO Marko Wessman.

Initially, Tamminiitty started their business in Eura, where the company’s first IT infrastructure solution was also built.

“We already knew Enter as a company, and when we needed an information system for our business, it was obvious that we would choose Enter as the partner. We were certain about Enter’s expertise. Initially, we wanted to have an infrastructure solution that was correctly scaled to our needs, and sufficiently lightweight for what we do. We also wanted to have the infrastructure managed by a party that can reliably do it,” Wessman says.

A double-redundant server solution at the core of it all

When Tamminiitty moved to the new premises in Köyliö, a new information system solution needed to be built.

Ongoing services

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“Cloud services are everyday business for many companies, but for an industrial production company like us, it is important that we have our own reliable server environment that also works without telecommunication connections with the outside world. Our entire enterprise resource planning is based on our systems. The system is the backbone of our company. Thanks to the system of two physical servers and disk arrays implemented by Enter, failure in one server does not stop the business. In the event of failure, none of the employees will even notice it when the system automatically starts using the standby server,” Wessman says.

Maintenance services produce considerable time savings and peace of mind for the work.

Marko Wessman

Tamminiitty does not have its own IT administration, but instead Enter takes care of the operation and updates of the server environment.

“Maintenance services produce considerable time savings and peace of mind for the work. Most of the maintenance tasks of the IT systems are done over remote connections. In the event of any problem, we always receive fast assistance,” Wessman says.

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Major impact on cost efficiency

According to Wessman, a well-working IT system has greatly affected work and the profit the company makes. The system can greatly influence cost efficiency, for example, by monitoring the working hours involved in manufacturing products.

“During one year, we dispatch up to 1.2 million parts to our customers. This volume is so great that you need skilled and motivated workers to accomplish it. In addition, the manufacturing execution system must be perfectly tuned. Virtually the entire production process is done without paper at our company. Efficiency can be witnessed in all stages of the work,” he assesses.

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