Ongoing services

Ongoing IT services keep your IT infrastructure competitive

Ongoing service lies behind our long-term partnerships. The partnership of Enter and the customer is most visible through service agreements that have spanned decades. Mutually earned trust through shared challenges and knowledge of the partner’s business enable unique understanding of the needs of the IT environment – now and in the future.

Ongoing service deliveries are always comprehensive entities that involve several parties. As a result, with today’s complex environments, caretaking consists of more than just the maintenance of hardware, software and IT technology solutions. Increasingly, Enter’s task is to manage the stakeholders involved with the customer’s information administration and to serve as the binding agent between many different application vendors.

Strategic advantage

Long-term vision of the development of IT technology and lifecycle thinking are the core benefits of ongoing services. Enter keeps the specialists assigned to customer accounts the same throughout the years, so that exchanging thoughts about development comes more naturally with a reliable person. With more extensive and challenging projects, your organisation gains valuable planning help from all specialist resources that Enter has.

Familiar support services and proactive maintenance

Ongoing services essentially involve emergency service with a specific response time. When you have a problem with information technology, you will receive help either from your familiar specialist or from our duty officers.

The best emergency remedy, however, is proactively identifying and avoiding problems – regularly executed, monitored and proactive IT system maintenance service by Enter’s specialists is exactly that.

Our service model strongly relies on trust and profound customer understanding: you will deal with designated specialists and a scalable team throughout the contract period.

Easy procurement

Assisted by our familiar specialists, the customer’s IT procurements are handled centrally and cost-efficiently with a low threshold.

We also provide a tailored online store for the individual procurement needs of our customers, integrated with the product assortment of all of our wholesale partners.

Systems monitoring

In a 24/7 society, information technology services are always available. Work is no longer connected to time or place. This fact is particularly emphasised in critical sectors where uninterrupted operations and continuous availability of computerised production tools are absolute necessities.

Kaso Oy values the ease of maintenance services

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The high availability of information technology consists of careful architecture planning, proactive maintenance and comprehensive monitoring. This is why Enter has tens of thousands of monitoring sensors in the field.

We monitor our customers’ network environments, applications, databases, overall systems, information security, cloud services, integrations, data interchange and hardware health. Our monitoring solutions comprehensively cover both customer and service provider data centres and public cloud environments.

In addition to technical facility and event monitoring and alarm features, Enter’s monitoring solutions can create versatile dashboard views, where technical information can also be connected to business metrics.

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