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A strategic and comprehensive IT service

Enter Optimi is a new service package for managing and optimising IT environments. The business-driven solution serves the strategic needs of the organisation individually for each customer and secures the continuity of operations. The optimised solution works like the organisation’s own efficient IT department. It is based on the best practices honed by the 25 years of experience of operations that Enter has.

Enter SystemSolutions Oy brings to the market a service package that offers enterprise-level IT services, scaling them so that they are within the reach of smaller organisations, as well.

To enjoy the continuous IT development of the Enter Optimi operating model, it is enough to purchase just one of the services from the entire range:

  • Enter Turva protects devices and systems from information security threats.
  • Enter Varma secures business continuity even in crisis situations.
  • Enter Hallinta takes care of IT environment maintenance and lifecycle management.
  • Enter Tuki helps users when they experience problems, face changes or need advice.
  • Enter Sensori presents an overview of the IT environment and prevents problem situations.
  • Enter Valvomo reacts immediately to deviations, information security observations and alarms.
  • Enter Ruutuvihko automates the management of user accounts and access rights.
  • Enter Arkistointi automates the archiving of documents and metadata.

Enter Optimi

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