Enter Varma

Continuity of infrastructure and data as a service

Enter Varma boosts your organisation’s recovery, from minor disruptions to large-scale disaster situations. It covers the recovery of data, workstations, servers and entire data-centre environments – and provides backup capacity.

Enter Varma backs up your organisation’s relevant information and ensures continuity of operations even in serious crisis situations. The service measures range comprehensively from critical workstations and production-controlling systems all the way to cloud-based data centre continuity solutions.

The key areas of the service are the continuity of data, workstations and operations. Key functions include continuous monitoring and regular tests with crisis drills, agreed individually for each customer.

Data continuity

The Enter Varma service can be used to back up and restore data contained in Microsoft M365 cloud services, such as SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive. M365 itself does not include data backup. The customer must take care of this separately.

In addition to cloud services, Enter Varma can also back up and restore local and cloud workstations and servers with their data. The backup is made according to your organisation’s needs in your own local environment, a third-party data centre or a cloud service.

Workstation continuity

In terms of the organisation’s operations, necessary devices include the computers that control the production, and any customised power workstations used by software developers, CAD designers or graphic artists.

An automated backup can be made daily of particularly critical workstations and the information, software and settings they contain. With Enter Varma, faulty systems can be restored to production use very quickly.

As a safeguard against hardware failures, your organisation can have a certain number of backup workstations, which are regularly updated with up-to-date software and settings. This way you can put the new, replacement workstation into use immediately.

Operations continuity

If necessary, the Enter Varma service can be used to mirror a physical or virtual backup system from your organisation’s entire data centre and IT system environment. This redundancy ensures the continuous availability of services critical to your operations – for example, in the event of a fire or other similar major disaster. An Enter Varma Disaster Recovery solution is always designed according to your individual needs.

Monitoring and support of the service operation

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