Enter Sensori

Monitoring system as a service

Enter Sensori’s easy-to-understand visual dashboard warns of disturbances in advance and shows the real-time status of relevant systems and processes.

Risk and continuity management for business systems

Enter Sensori is a diverse monitoring system produced as a service. It can be used to significantly reduce the costs from business interruptions, boost the ability to recover from disruptions, and enhance cooperation between different parties.

The service helps with the above areas of continuity management and improves the risk management of your organisation’s business systems and processes.

Proactive monitoring of business systems and processes

In addition to business systems and applications, the number and importance of various business-critical network, messaging and data connections is considerable these days. These fast-paced operating environments emphasise the importance of monitoring and immediate diagnosis of disruptions.

Disruptions in order messaging (EDI), production control or warehouse automation data transfer or, for example, in an online shop system very quickly translate to disappointed customers and partners as well as considerable loss of income.

More than 500,000 users worldwide

Enter Sensori is based on the PRTG monitoring and control solution developed by Paessler AG, which has more than 500,000 users worldwide in various industries. The PRTG solution is constantly developed, which means that the Enter Sensori service grows and evolves along with your business, ensuring its continuity today and tomorrow.

Overview of business-critical processes at a glance

Analysis and monitoring solutions are often viewed narrowly as technical means used only in information management to monitor disk space and server operation. However, the possibilities provided by having a status overview are remarkably broad.

We implement a wide range of different solutions that enhance the work of information management. The aim is to improve the visibility and overview of business-critical items. With Enter Sensori, the operational management can see at a glance whether all essential system and process components are in working order.

Monitoring solutions improve the status overview and help in decision-making, especially when the situation is critical and the right decisions are needed quickly.

The Enter Sensori service shows the most significant aspects of the business immediately and easily, and speeds up recovery from failure situations

Is the amount/volume of message traffic (EDI) usual?

Are all processes and data flows working normally, or is there an above-usual load?

Is the data transfer between systems (order, warehouse, production and shipping) working normally?

Has the limit value of a process or data flow specified as critical been exceeded?

Also supports third-party systems and multi-vendor environments

The Enter Sensori service also supports multi-vendor environments. Limited views can be enabled for various interest groups, such as customers, suppliers, subcontractors or other system suppliers, so that in the event of a disruption, for example, all parties that should be involved have the same common view of the situation. This significantly boosts cooperation, thus shortening the duration of disruptions.

With the help of the Enter Sensori service, you also obtain your own, vendor-independent statistics and historical data on systems, applications and telecommunication connections, for example regarding load peaks in the e-commerce system or at the warehouse.

Enter Sensori compiles a real-time overview in an easy-to-understand form for all interest groups in your organisation.

Examples of implementations

Flamingo Spa

The entertainment centre Flamingo Spa in Vantaa is open every day of the year.

The trouble-free operation of e-commerce and cash register systems is of paramount importance, because any problems will immediately be seen both at the pools and at the cash registers.

Enter Sensori monitors Flamingo Spa’s business-critical systems and functions 24/7.

We have also implemented Enter Sensori monitoring solutions for our customers in the energy, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and wholesale industries, which have a higher-than-usual security classification.

Broad support for systems and applications

The Enter Sensori service is not restricted by the industry or size of the organisation. The service supports all commonly used systems, applications, cloud services, active network devices and protocols and IoT devices.

Active monitoring and response as part of the service

Very rarely, if ever, is a monitoring system sufficient on its own. Both active monitoring of observations and alarms generated by the monitoring system and specialist response are also required. If an organisation itself does not have enough resources for this, the Enter Sensori service can be supplemented with the Enter Valvomo service.


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