Enter is a comprehensive development partner for Bo LKV

Strongly emphasising visual aspects and good customer experience, real-estate agency Bo LKV has partnered with Enter from the very beginning. Enter is the one-stop provider for Bo LKV’s IT solutions at the group level.

Bo LKV has grown strongly over the past years. From a small real-estate agency, it has evolved into one of the leaders in the market. At present, the company employs some 220 employees at 12 sites across Finland. Enter provides continuous maintenance services to Bo LKV throughout Finland. Enter was selected as the partner based on its expertise.

“First and foremost, Enter has improved our information security and made modern cloud services available to us. Computerised solutions and social media are a key part of our work. We actively work with Teams and other telecommuting tools,” says Regional Manager Saara Murtovaara of Bo LKV.

System modernisation and maintenance services

During the past year, an information system modernisation project and hardware procurements have been carried out for Bo LKV.

Ongoing services keep your IT-infrastructure competitive

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“Thanks to the maintenance services, our systems are always up to date and operational. The best thing in Enter’s services is definitely their comprehensive approach. We get to focus on what we know, while Enter takes care of our systems,” Murtovaara says in praise.

According to Murtovaara, Enter is an excellent development partner.

“We also completed an intranet project at our company, relying on Enter’s expertise. For us, the intranet is a source of information, a news channel and a daily tool. Thanks to it, we need a lot less WhatsApp communication, while storing and updating instructions has got a lot easier,” she says.

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A partner that is easy to reach

For Bo LKV, Enter’s fast response times and extensive expertise have been the company’s best aspects.

“As a sales organisation, it is particularly important for us that we get answers to our questions as quickly as possible from our partners. Enter’s specialists are easy to reach. We always get real-time help whenever we need it,” Murtovaara concludes.

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