Enter Tuki

Personal help from a specialist

Enter Tuki offers easy-to-approach specialist help in problem situations that cannot be solved by the organisation’s own IT staff or the end user.

Our Enter Optimi overall service includes Enter Tuki. Through it, you can easily connect with a competent specialist who helps, guides and solves even your most challenging IT issues without delay. We also coordinate change management and troubleshooting.

Advice and support for both end users and experts

Enter Tuki includes an easy-to-reach Service Desk staffed with specialists. They can advise and help the client organisation’s own end users. If necessary, we will also instruct third-party IT specialists designated by the customer. The Service Desk can solve many kinds of service requests, whether they concern advice on using a feature, cloud services, servers, network devices, network connections, or, for example, software.

End users are served by the Service Desk in a clear and comprehensible way, regardless of how technical the issue is. The Service Desk can also guide users in using the organisation’s applications. More extensive orientation and training events must always be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

For IT specialists, the Service Desk serves as a valuable additional resource and an extended knowledge base. The service can be adapted according to the organisation’s needs. The customer’s own IT department can take care of the local support while an Enter specialist will deal with servers, including their maintenance and user management. The Service Desk will help the customer’s IT specialists in unexpected problem situations, just like it helps end users, as well.

Change request management

Enter Tuki specialists receive and handle IT change requests, such as changes to user accounts, directory rights, and Teams groups, as well as changes to performance capacities and application versions.

Enter Tuki also acts as a central information point for the organisation’s staff during larger transformation projects – such as service version changes and data migrations.

Coordinating the resolution of disturbances

Multi-supplier environments in particular need the ability to visualise, manage and coordinate disruptions and the events caused by them. In failure situations – especially when they affect several different parties – active and precise communication between the parties is emphasised. Enter Tuki helps both in smaller issues with clear boundaries and in complex and extensive problems.


Metallin leikkausta

Tamminiitty Oy

Contract manufacturer chose high-availability server solution

Established in 2013, Tamminiitty Oy is a metal industry company that focuses on contract manufacturing, providing laser technology, edging, machining, welding and other pre-processing work. A high-availability server solution was implemented for the growth company, thanks to which their business does not stop even during server failure.

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Siilinjärven kunta

Ruutuvihko enables electronic learning environments in Siilinjärvi

The municipality of Siilinjärvi took a great step in the digitalisation of schools. In summer 2019, personal accounts were created in Microsoft’s and Google’s electronic learning environments for the pupils and teachers of all schools of the municipality using the Ruutuvihko service. The reform implemented by Enter enables more efficient communication, studying and teaching.

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Ruutuvihko –

An information administration solution favoured by teachers

Ruutuvihko is a solution that automates the transfer of teaching information system data into cloud services and the local IT environment.

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City of Porvoo

Porvoo school services took identity management to a new level

The City of Porvoo’s bilingual educational service has been a pioneer of the Ruutuvihko service in many ways. Approximately five years ago, Porvoo was the first locality in Finland to deploy the Ruutuvihko system, at a time when user and group objects were created from the Primus database. Tailoring the system into a working whole has required many modifications and bold experiments. At present, all of the various modules in Ruutuvihko are being used, some of which are unique, such as the feature that reduces waste food.

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