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Ruutuvihko enables electronic learning environments in Siilinjärvi

The municipality of Siilinjärvi took a great step in the digitalisation of schools. In summer 2019, personal accounts were created in Microsoft’s and Google’s electronic learning environments for the pupils and teachers of all schools of the municipality using the Ruutuvihko service. The reform implemented by Enter enables more efficient communication, studying and teaching.

“The revamp project with Enter began about a year ago, when we decided to start using Microsoft’s and Google’s electronic learning environments at the municipality of Siilinjärvi. In the beginning, the learning environments were piloted at a few schools to gain a clear understanding of the coming needs. Thanks to the pilot period, the systems could be modified so that they suit our way of doing things. I personally was pleasantly surprised by how versatile the features for customisation were that Enter offered.

After the pilot period, all pupils and teachers of the municipality and some of the school assistants were automatically given personal credentials in autumn 2019. Accounts have now been created for some 3,600 users. The system was deployed in August, even though the month is one of the most hectic ones in a school environment. Enter encouraged us to take this step and carefully navigated us through the project.

With the Ruutuvihko service, accounts are automatically created after saving the person’s basic data in the municipality’s Primus information system. The credentials are also automatically deactivated when the pupil or teacher is no longer part of the school community. This solution was the only sensible model, given the high number of user accounts. Automation ensures time savings and also guarantees information security.

The electronic learning environments from Microsoft and Google provide versatile and handy features for teaching and studying. The teacher and the pupils can communicate with each other independently of time and place. The pupils can be assigned tasks and, on the other hand, they can also return their assignments online. One can log into the learning environment from wherever, including personal computers at home or smartphones. This makes working flexible and modern.

The significance of the system is great, as the personal accounts given to pupils remain with the pupil through the time that they study at any school in the municipality of Siilinjärvi. This can be even longer than 10 years from first grade to the last year at upper secondary school. At the same time, the student accrues an online portfolio of their learning. For this reason, it is not trivial how the accounts are administered.

In my opinion, the project went rather smoothly and Enter has actively supported us through all the stages of the project. I have also witnessed with pleasure how the online learning environments have been enthusiastically received in all schools. The result is excellent, and we can all be satisfied with it.”

-Harri Häiväläinen, head of ICT services

Municipality of Siilinjärvi

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