Valkeakoski Vocational College

Ruutuvihko is a time-saving tool for educational institutions

Many educational institutions use Enter’s Ruutuvihko service, which automatically synchronises student data. At the Valkeakoski Vocational College of more than 1,000 students, the Ruutuvihko service was deployed toward the end of 2017. Thanks to Ruutuvihko, information about the students and courses is automatically transferred, and the system automatically creates the necessary accounts for all students and staff.

“Enter introduced the Ruutuvihko service in spring 2017, after which the project was started. Our own platform needed to be modernised before Ruutuvihko could be deployed. For us, the primary reason for selecting Ruutuvihko was its efficiency and the time savings provided by automation.

In practice, the Ruutuvihko service retrieves students from our student information system and creates Office 365 accounts based on these data. Our school is also piloting a feature where the system automatically creates courses and the student accounts for the courses in the online learning platform. The automation also removes the student when they no longer study at our school.

Enter has customised the system so that it suits our needs. Ruutuvihko is integrated with the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite licences. Our school teaches students to use Adobe software, so it is important for the students to be able to access those programs outside of the school also. With Ruutuvihko, the students always have up-to-date personal credentials for Creative Cloud, allowing them to log in with their home computer to use the software. This additional benefit of Ruutuvihko is excellent for us.

The Ruutuvihko service has brought about considerable time savings. In addition, it is considerably easier to trace any mistakes in student credentials. Previously, student accounts would be handled as a spreadsheet import, which was rather cumbersome and slow. Using Adobe software is now easy, thanks to Ruutuvihko, and this benefits both the students and the teachers.

All in all, the system has been a very well-working solution. We have received good service from Enter, and our wishes have always been received in an excellent way. We have also procured maintenance service from Enter, which has proven to be a useful add-on for us. We always receive help whenever we need it, and problem situations are solved in smooth co-operation.”

-Mika Räsänen, ICT Support

Valkeakoski Vocational College

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