Pohjois-Haaga co-educational school

Automatic synchronisation of pupil data supports everyday life at Pohjois-Haaga co-educational school

Some two years ago, the Pohjois-Haaga co-educational school, PHYK, found itself in a situation where the private school’s pupil administration software had to be revamped quickly. The school looked for a suitable party to do the job, and Enter was chosen based on its expertise. The Ruutuvihko application was commissioned at the school to automatically synchronise pupil data. Ruutuvihko enables the easy creation of user accounts in cloud services and the groups specified in Primus for Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom.

Consisting of the upper level of comprehensive school and an upper secondary school, PHYK is a school complex of some 850 students, established in 1956. The secondary school has a general line and also study lines focusing on sports and mathematics. In addition to being a general upper secondary school, PHYK is a national sports school where competitive athletes and sports hobbyists can complete their upper secondary studies while focusing on developing in their own sport.

“Although PHYK serves as an independent educational institution, we work in close co-operation with, for example, the education services of the city of Helsinki. However, as a private school, we have financial administration, student administration and student services and other functions that we handle within the school, which presents high requirements for systems reliability and availability. The users must have the correct roles and access rights so that all everyday functions work without problems,” says Sami Auersalmi of the Pohjois-Haaga co-educational school.

Everything necessary with personal credentials

According to Auersalmi, the need for a new user automation solution in the student administration system was clear.

“Our previous systems have invariably been mixtures patched together from different components, with an original flavour. Now that everything is standardised and clear, it is easy to use the system. From the user’s perspective, everything goes smoothly. Logging in with their own credentials, the students can use the necessary working platforms, while the teachers can concentrate on their work,” he says.

PHYK has been very satisfied with the operation of the system and the collaboration with Enter.

Enter Ruutuvihko™ speeds up and simplifies user management

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“I personally strongly recommend Enter as a partner for all schools and educational institutions to implement automation reforms related to student administration systems. With Enter, our business is done quickly and smoothly. The system always works flawlessly, and whenever we need, we get quick service from Enter,” Auersalmi says.

Agile transition to distance learning

The distance learning period during the spring caused by the coronavirus raised the bar at all schools for learning systems and how they can be used remotely.

“At our school, distance learning caused no major problems, as, thanks to Ruutuvihko automation, student administration and the applications used in teaching were already working well and everyone had gained experience using their own credentials for studying and teaching,” Auersalmi assesses.

“Enter’s best quality by far is their expertise and understanding of student administration systems. Everything has gone smoothly for us with Enter navigating us through the exceptional circumstances,” he adds.

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