ENTER Ruutuvihko™ automates data processing

The ENTER Ruutuvihko™ integration and automation service combines data from different systems, manages user accounts and improves information security while reducing manual work.

Already over 200,000 automatically processed user accounts

The ENTER Ruutuvihko service is suitable for all organisations, regardless of their size or industry. It does not matter what information systems the organisation uses or whether there are tens, hundreds or even thousands of user accounts to manage. The ENTER Ruutuvihko service is always adapted to the customer’s systems, work methods and processes. The standardised deployment is easy and fast.

From business to social and health care

The first ENTER Ruutuvihko customer implementation was done in 2016. From the very beginning, the ENTER Ruutuvihko service has been actively developed by solving our customers’ individual needs and challenges. Our specialists have strong experience and expertise in solving different industries’ requirements – and sometimes even surprising integrations.  

Easy and secure user management

Centralised identity and access management ensures that users have the access rights they should have to systems and files, according to their role. In addition to strengthening information security, the ENTER Ruutuvihko service significantly simplifies the work required to manage and maintain the life cycle of user accounts. Data is saved and updated only once, and the necessary changes are automatically transferred to other systems.

Ready-made integrations with the most common systems

Enter has implemented a wide variety of interface and integration solutions for commonly used systems. Ruutuvihko’s automation capabilities are most pronounced in multifaceted IT and business environments. Check the image for integration solutions already implemented, or suggest us an implementation suitable for your organisation.

Standardised deployment 

With the experience of dozens of ENTER Ruutuvihko implementations, we have streamlined the service deployment. We have ready-made solutions for companies, the public sector and educational institutions. As standard options, the ENTER Ruutuvihko starter kit includes support for commonly used HR, ERP and student information systems, Microsoft and Google cloud services, and the Ruutuvihko reporting module. 

ENTER Ruutuvihko™ Service


Easy to use

  • Developed together with customers
  • Standardised deployment and operating service
  • Automates data processing across systems
  • Reduces manual work and errors


  • Defined and documented processes
  • Full life cycle management of user accounts
  • Encrypted data transfer between systems
  • Finnish high-availability data centre environment (ISO 27001)

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Ruutuvihko Cartoon

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Tampereen Näsinneula

City of Tampere

Automating digital archiving makes the everyday life of educational institutions easier

Enter has implemented a digital archiving automation solution for the city of Tampere’s secondary schools. Enter had previously implemented a similar archive automation solution for the elementary schools in Tampere, and the solution was found to be one that works. It was therefore easy to make the decision to start a corresponding archiving automation project for Tampere upper secondary and vocational schools.

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Prakticum esports

Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum

Ruutuvihko saves time at Prakticum

Prakticum, a multidisciplinary Swedish-language vocational school, has chosen the ENTER Ruutuvihko™ service for managing user accounts. The aim was to achieve smoothness and efficiency in the work of the IT department, and also to build a modern information system at the educational institution, in which all students and employees have access to working tools.

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